For Size Enhancement and Minimal Lift

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You will recover in a familiar environment at home where you can take any prescribed or dispensed medication, and have a responsible person watch over you for at least one evening. A ride to the office is mandatory when seen 1-5 days following operation. Phone calls to and from the doctors office will help insure no problems are developing. It may be difficult to sleep at first since you may be accustomed to reclining on your side. The center of the back may be sore. Some pressure can be experienced. Walking and drinking fluids is imperative. (Drain tubes the size of linguini pasta are ordinarily inserted at the time of surgery into the breast pockets around the breast implants so that normal fluids can pass safely to the outside and avert accumulation of serum and blood). Unexpected collection of these fluids can lead to reoperation. Most practices do not use drain tubes for breast augmentation, but instead use them for major lifting and reducing procedures. This Practice has observed an extraordinary softness rate in breasts enlarged with smooth saline implants where drain tubes have been used. It is best to remain as calm as possible and not exert oneself after major surgery.