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Following augmentation mammaplasty with implants, you will return in 1-2 days after operation, where shape, symmetry, and general recovery are assessed. Drains are removed at this time. The breasts may be normally compressed and have a shield-shape, which is the impression of the pectoral muscles overlying the implant pocket beneath. The breasts may not appear as full as desired. Over the next 7 to 21 days the breasts will expand and settle into the pockets created at surgery. Often one breast can be more swollen than the other. The surgeon will advise if there is a major difference and whether any definitive action needs to be taken, or ask that you wait weeks to months which may be necessary in some instances. Often the surgical procedure itself creates swelling that may take a few months to resolve. The breast implants are filled to the proper volume and inspected very carefully at operation under highly controlled conditions to insure the best possible augmentation shape and symmetry for the patient. If one implant appears to rest higher than the other or both implants are resting higher, the surgeon may recommend wearing no bra at first, and to use an ace wrap placed to apply downward pressure to the breast implants for a few weeks. Implants that are seated perfectly in their pockets are treated with a comfortable bra to be worn 24 hours per day for a few weeks. Under-wire bras are usually prohibited at first.