For Size Enhancement and Minimal Lift

 Patient Groups
 Patient Concerns and Planning
 Preparing for Surgery
 The Operation
 At Home
 Office Visits and Follow-up
 Outcome and Complications
 Case Histories (Before and After)

You are returned to the recovery room after surgery where you can remain for an hour or so. At this time your vital signs and general comfort level is assured. Special attention to preparing you for discharge including care of drain tubes, dressings, or use of binding wraps or support bras is reviewed, but was discussed at your preoperative visit prior to the operative date. An additional hour is spent in the Day Care surgery area where you will get dressed in order to have a pre-planned ride home. If you stay overnight, the intravenous fluids are continued, and you will ambulate in a hospital room, being monitored and tended to by Registered Nurses.