BREAST LIFT (Mastopexy)

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Once you have decided to have a mastopexy with or without implants, there are some important facts of which you should be aware. Surgery is most likely performed as an outpatient in a local hospital at the current time. If there are mitigating medical issues such as moderate diabetes, high blood pressure, history of asthma, easing bruising, or major apprehension, it may be suggested that you remain overnight for observation, especially when certain combined procedures are planned. If you smoke, it is best to try to stop before the operation as any reduction in smoking will be helpful. If you are on any medications including exotic supplements, weight loss substances either prescription or over-the-counter, or are on a rigorous diet, it is best to inform your plastic surgeon. Eat light prior to surgery and don't engage in maximum aerobic exercise for three days prior to surgery. Take it light and easy before surgery and get plenty of sleep. A health history including allergies should be provided. The anesthesiologist who administers the medication to help you sleep during surgery will likely call you the night before the operation to discuss your plans and medical history. Medication including that for discomfort, and antibiotics, will be dispensed or ordered at the preoperative visit. Tendency toward constipation is mentioned as with any surgery, and a predisposition to irregularity should be addressed with over-the-counter preparations with which you may be familiar and can take following surgery. Any metal jewelry and piercings must be removed before the operation. Feminine tampons are also removed.