Breast Reconstruction/Difficult Cases

 Classfication Of Reonstruction Cases
 Patient Concerns and Planning
 Preparing for Surgery
 The Operation
 At Home
 Office Visits and Follow-up
 Outcome and Complications
 Case Histories (Before and After)

Following reconstruction with or without change of implants, you will return in 1- 3 days after operation, where shape, symmetry, health of the skin, breast, and nipple areas are checked. If you remain in the hospital for one or two days in the case of more extensive surgeries, you may be seen at day 4 to 6. Drains are removed at 4-7 days, and tape may be applied to splint the breasts when indicated. Some early pleating is observed around the purse string closure breast lifts and skin sparing mastectomy skin closures, which subsides rapidly by 5 weeks. In patients of color and those with thick elastic skin, any pleating and small ripples in the skin will take up to a year to subside, but in patients of fair skin, with loose skin, and in the presence of breast implants, the pleats will greatly diminish and fade in 3 to 6 months. A slight starburst pattern to the purse string scar may result or a fine unapparent wavy line will be noted. Again, antibiotics may be discontinued at 5-7 days or continued up to 10 days to protect the purse string permanent blocking circular suture.

There may be some distension or swelling of the diameter of the areola which can occur with circular skin closures. The centrifugal forces applied to the skin by way of a circular repair can lead to minor distension, such that the areola is usually made a bit smaller at surgery. With patients having large areolae to begin with, the subsequent areolar size will still be smaller than the preoperative undesirable size.