BREAST REDUCTION (Reduction Mammaplasty)

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Having a responsible adult at home with you will be recommended for a day, and the home environment will help you ease back into a normal routine. You can take the prescribed medication and walk around as much as possible. A ride back to the office is mandatory from 1-5 days following operation. Phone calls to and from the doctors office will insure no problems are developing. It may be difficult to sleep at first since you may be accustomed to reclining on your side or on your stomach. Some pressure may be experienced. Unless implants are placed at the time of a reduction, you may experience some chest pressure and discomfort in the center of the back. Drinking plenty of fluids is important. Drain tubes which were placed at surgery help to drain normal fluids exit the breast skin into plastic bulbs. The drainage is recorded more meticulously than for a breast lift, since the tubes for breast reduction purse string procedures are kept a bit longer. Should any excess fluid accumulate and not drain to the outside, this could lead to reoperation. It is best to remain as calm as possible and not exert oneself after major surgery.