Author Topic: New Website for Purse String Breast Lift/Reduction  (Read 13360 times)

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New Website for Purse String Breast Lift/Reduction
« on: October 13, 2007, 02:52:38 AM »
See our new website ( featuring one of our key areas of specialty in breast lift and reduction. The donut scar breast lift is used by many Practices for small adjustments in nipple position from 1 to 4 cm.  Our purse string periareolar breast lift is an extension of that method for adjustments of 4 to 9 cm of nipple uplifting. It is popularized by Dr Benelli of France, and Dr. Sampaio-Goes of Brazil. I prefer the modifications of Dr. Sampaio-Goes in my breast lifts and reductions at this time.  It is best used for moderately severe cases of sagging and large breasts.  Some centers still advise a two-stage approach for major breast lift and reductions when implants are placed at the same time due to a higher rate of revision. 
Patients with very stretchy skin and initially very large areola might experience stretching of the areola and scar around the circular skin repair with the purse string approach. These patients may require revision which is a tradeoff from this advanced method of minimal scar lifting. Safety of nipple, areola, and skin is superior with the circular pursestring breast lift and reduction in the experience of this Practice.