Author Topic: CROTON OIL PEELS with phenol are making a comeback  (Read 7230 times)

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CROTON OIL PEELS with phenol are making a comeback
« on: November 05, 2009, 05:58:37 PM »


The deepest peel a plastic surgeon performs involves phenol and croton oil.  It has been around in its basic form since the early 1960s.  A new understanding of the basis for this deep peel came with the writings of Plastic Surgeon and now retired, Dr. Gregory Hetter, in 2000.  The ingredient croton oil, the element that gave depth and penetration to the peel, and provided the extraordinary wrinkle reducing properties is now considered the true peeling component of the classic phenol peel.  With adjustments and modifications, it can be the best choice significant facial aging.  It does not require an expensive laser, but simply an application of solution to the skin, which takes a few days to two weeks to provide stunning rejuvenation of the face. 

THE CROTON OIL PEEL can be termed  the CROTON OIL-PHENOL PEEL  rather than the older term PHENOL-CROTON OIL PEEL.

This Practice has been performing the peel in variations for over 25 years and the results can be seen in the BEFORE AND AFTER SECTION ON SKIN RESURFACING PHOTOS.

The peel can be adjusted for skin type, the patient's desired end result, and is planned to encompass a consumer's schedule and time budgeted for skin improvement.

The pendulum may be swinging back to peels as a key element in skin resurfacing equalling and perhaps surpassing the laser.

This PRACTICE HAS PERFORMED OVER 5700 peels since 1984. 

The skin types included for this method can include those with darker skin, but special 4 week preparation may be necessary, with an explanation of some early delays in the final outcome, that if accepted, make these peels suitable for practically everyone.