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« on: December 19, 2016, 02:52:37 PM »
 Q: Chemical Peel Recovery Time

A: Best chemical peel for shortest recovery

It is good to review your goals with the Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist and inspect the case photos of various peels. The deeper the peel the more pronounced the effect and likewise the more recovery anticipated. Staging peels is a thought, but for the single most effective peel, it is important to know what your goal is and how to get there.

If upon your inspection, the cases show simple freshening and improve skin luster, then a light peel is fine and home maintenance will round out the effects. If you need true crows feet and fine wrinkles about the lips removed, then a medium depth peel is advised. If blemishes, discoloration, and a harsh look with wrinkles is present, then you may wish to take a litte more time for an intervention.

I agree that the VI-PEEL is a good approach, also TCA peels, and modfiied phenol plus croton oil peeling. We all have ways to modify the intensity of the deeper peeling agents customizing these for the busy consumer. We can combine superficial and deep action with the same agent. For the lips and lids we may go a bit more pronounced and suggest makeup at first, while going lighter for the cheeks and forehead. If you are adamant about letting anyone know what you have done, and are a perfectionist at heart, then you might agree to a set of superficial peels over time, and make an ongoing assessment of the results.

There is no magic bullet for absolute skin restoration, but if given the time for a potent peeling regimen to heal, an extraordinary skin renovation can be achieved. Skin sunburn class, skin pigment class, and anthropologic origin all factor in to the doctor's recommendations. If you are not able to comply with a period of recovery, then peeling, laser, and dermabrasion is not advised.