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« on: November 14, 2008, 02:38:57 AM »
Thank you Ms. :.

      While I prefer the periareolar (around the areola approach for the incision)
the cost of surgery is not influenced by site of incision, size of augmentation, or whether the implants are placed over or under the muscle in our Practice.  Fees vary by region and fixed rates by high volume marketing centers.
Breast Augmentation surgery in Southern California can rage from $2999 to $8000 from Los Angeles to Orange and San Diego Counties.  Some 800 number referral centers and bidding programs may contract with new physicians in Practice a good deal of the time, to offer lower prices. Unfortunately, a few even look into billing your insurance!!!!!   We unfortunately do not provide rates at the lesser end of the scale.  We would trust that patients might seek financing for a part of their procedural costs.  The credit union at your work might offer at rate of  7 to 8 % which may be better than our best financial institutions.  You might check with financing companies such as one of the ones we use, and see what the availability of credit benefits could be in your case.
The operation takes a little over an hour. Recovery can be a few days, and you should be able to see your results take great shape by 3-6 weeks. I prefer saline over silicone implants with a vastly superior softness rate over 5 to 15 years.
Our surgical fee includes medication and labs, parking validation, vitamins when indicated, and non-complicated postoperative care and visits.  Consultations are at no charge.
Our Practice is principally word of mouth, yet we greatly appreciate the public who may find us by way of our 4 internet websites.
We are currently featured on where I have uploaded some morphed videos of some of our work over the years.
                                                              Type dmhmd on youtube.
Appreciate your interest.